The Club

Throughout its history, the Basenji Club Of Canada has become a driving force that is involved in the health, rescue, and the various sporting activities (conformation, racing, etc.) of the Basenji breed in Canada. A hearty 'thankyou' to all the BCOC members who give of themselves to keep this club alive and active. A special thanks to those who have held offices or acted as Specialty and Committee chairs, and Newsletter editors, and webmasters. Without all of you we would not have the Basenji Club Of Canada.

Executive on Line
President -  Kathie Upton
Vice President -  Vanessa Lobo

Secretary - LaDonna Bodnarchuck
Treasurer - LaDonna Bodnarchuck
Western Director - David Davidson
Ontario Director - Amanda Moore
Quebec Director - Graeme Burdon
Maritimes Director - Kimberley Pennie




The Membership Application can be submitted online by completing the form here. BCOC and it members are governed by the Club's Consitution and By-laws. Please read them carefully before submitting the application BCOC By-Laws and Constitution. Thank you for your interest in our Club.   

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