NOTE: The BCOC Rescue Program Does NOT BUY Dogs


MISSION: The Mission of the BCOC Rescue Program is dedicated to helping any (purebred) Basenjis in need. Which means:

1. Effecting a release of a purebred Basenji from a pound, shelter, or any unhealthy environment.

2. Accepting Basenjis which may be turned over to the BCOC Rescue Program by their owners.

3. Accepting Basenjis into the BCOC Rescue Program by people who have found them.

4. Assisting anyone who contacts the BCOC Rescue Program because of Behavioral Problems: we try to help by giving advice, conducting home visits, suggesting alternatives, or just providing support until an improvement of the situation. It should be noted that all BCOC members are asked to help find homes for any rescued Basenji which enters the BCOC Rescue Program.


What the BCOC Rescue Program looks for in adoptive homes:

The BCOC Rescue Program looks for *FOREVER HOMES* where these Basenjis can live out their lives surrounded by caring owners who understand them and where they will be loved and pampered companions.

It should be noted that, fortunately, most Canadian Breeders take back unwanted dogs which they have bred, or will find them new homes.


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